"Thanks for the Female Hair Loss Remedy Report. The results are absolutely amazing! My hair has never been in such good condition and it is definitely thicker already..."

-Anne T.

Stunning Women’s Hair-Loss Discovery . . .

Attention Females: Regrow Your Hair,
Naturally, with a Safe Home Remedy!
No More Thinning, Falling Out Hair...

From: Carol Hopkins, Hair-Loss Sufferer

Dear Friend,

If you're reading this right now, then you and I have one terrible thing in common . . .

What is it?

The Embarrassment, Emotional Pain And Overwhelming Frustration Of Female Hair Loss. . .

That's the bad news.

The good news is that, in just a moment, I'm going to show you how you can naturally stop your hair loss (like I did) and re-grow your hair without drugs . . . without the risk and pitiful "results" of surgery. . . and without the danger and side effects of the "made-by-men, for-men Miracle Cures" of the billion-dollar male hair-loss industry.

No matter how long you've suffered from hair loss . . .
No matter how thin your hair may now be . . .
No matter what sprays, pills or other gimmicky cover ups and "cures" you've tried in the past . . .
No matter how old or young you are. . .

You can grow back the thick, lustrous, beautiful hair you've been dreaming of... regain your confidence and peace of mind... and never have to reach for a hat or wig on the way out the door again...

Sound good? I think so too, and I'm excited to share my discovery with you...

This is Not . . .
  • A dangerous, side-effect-laden drug
  • A repackaged male hair-loss cure
  • An expensive surgical or topical treatment

Instead this is a stunningly simple and effective way for you to end your hair loss and re-grow your hair quickly, naturally and without drugs.

But first--so you understand how close this problem is to my heart and why I'm so passionate about this truly-effective female hair-loss remedy--let me tell you my own story.

My name is Carol Hopkins . . .

And I remember like yesterday when I realized that no matter what lies I told myself...

I Was Actually
Losing My Hair

I was standing at my bathroom sink with my brush in my hand, staring at the clump of hair gathering in the drain when it finally hit me that, like my mother before me, I was actually losing my hair . . . that I was a woman actually going bald . . . or if not bald, at least very close to it.

If you're reading this--if you've suffered like this--I'm sure you can relate to what I went through . . . perhaps to what you're going through yourself right now . . .

How embarrassed and self-conscious I felt, walking down the street, absolutely sure that people were staring at me. . .

How I thought my faithful, wonderful husband, Jim, wouldn't find me attractive any more . . . and that other men would now go out of their way to avoid even looking at me . . .

How I felt tight fear in my chest, when I woke up each morning and found that more of my hair had gathered on my pillow in the night . . .

How I spent hours futzing and fiddling with all my hair care tools and toys, trying to find a style that would hide my thinning hair and give the illusion of the full, beautiful head of hair I used to have. . .

How panic, shame and helplessness just rushed through me . . .

And, most of all. . .

How Mad I Was . . .

Maybe I shouldn't even say this . . . but staring at myself in the mirror that day (and for so many days afterwards as my hair got thinner and thinner before I finally stumbled onto this simple remedy), I was angry . . . I was ticked off . . .

After all, men are the ones who are supposed to lose their hair.

Men are the ones who are supposed to go bald . . . who have a whole industry of fancy drugs they can take to re-grow their hair (drugs that can just wreak havoc with a woman's body) . . . and who, if they don't want to go through all that malarkey, can just shave their heads like a basketball player, call it a choice and have people just falling over themselves saying how handsome they look.

But what about women? If you've spent any time at all on the internet looking for a remedy, you know that there's so very little out there for us . . .

When I finally stopped feeling sorry for myself, I took a long look in the mirror and I decided I needed to face this problem head on. . . Over the next several months . . .

I Tried Everything To Stop My Hair Loss And Re-grow My Hair . . . And Was Disappointed Again And Again

If You're A Woman Suffering Through Hair Loss, You Are Most Certainly Not Alone

In fact, you might be surprised to learn that over 25 million American women . . . and millions more around the world are silently suffering from the shame and emotional distress of hair loss . . . and are being ignored or badly served by the male-dominated, sleazy and ineffective "hair restoration" industry . . . an industry more interested in taking your money and exposing you to dangerous drugs than in actually helping you stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair.

Statistics show that more than 30% of women under the age of 45 will experience some form of hair loss. Rest assured that despite the widespread silence on the issue, If you're suffering from hair loss, you are not alone.

I visited fancy and expensive hair restoration specialists . . . who gave me the same ineffective advice I found plastered all over the internet . . . and tried to talk me into strange "voodoo" treatments and costly and dangerous surgery . . . (and if you've ever met a woman who's gone through hair restoration surgery, you know how noticeable it is . . . and you know that she hasn't been happy with the results.)
I paid way too much to the best hair stylist in the area . . .who did everything she could to make me look beautiful, but couldn't hide the fact that I was going bald.
I even tried some of most-popular hair-restoration drugs (and anyone who knows me knows that I hate drugs) . . . but I was scared off when I read the side of the bottle, saw the laundry list of side effects and realized that when it comes to hair drugs, the cure can be so much worse than the problem . . .especially for women. In fact, many of the hair-restoration drugs that have become so popular with men are actively dangerous to women . . . and can have a devastating effect on your health.
I even bought a wig (and I'm sure you can imagine how sad I felt that day) . . . though I could never bring myself to actually wear it. Doing so would feel like failure. Doing so would feel like I was giving up . . .

But Then, Finally, I Stumbled Upon One All-Natural Hair-Loss Remedy That Was Different . . . That Was Just For Women . . . And That Actually Worked

It was late one night. I'd spent months desperately trying to find a way to stop my hair loss . . .and watching my hair get thinner and thinner before my eyes. I felt so alone and so desperate... I was scouring the web one more time looking for someone, anyone who could help me really deal with this problem that had just about consumed my life, had put stress on my marriage and had me afraid to even leave the house.

It was then that I was lucky enough to finally stumble onto the downloadable report "The Women's Hair Loss Remedy Report: All-Natural Secrets For Women To Re-Grow Hair."

I downloaded the report right away (mostly because it seemed to be one of the only things out there that was actually for women...)

And this may sound like an exaggeration, but this simply-written and easy-to-follow report just changed my life.

Inside I discovered why I was losing my hair . . . something that no doctor or "hair-restoration specialist" had been able to tell me . . .

As well as a simple, natural, drug-free method for stopping my hair loss and re-growing my hair using common and affordable items available at my grocery store.

Of Course, I Was Skeptical At First, But I Had Nothing To Lose . . . And I've Been Absolutely Astonished By The Results

I got to work right away, changing my diet exactly as the report said and rushing out to my grocery store to get the simple and affordable ingredients I would need . . .

Within just a few weeks of following these simple, natural steps I began to see new growth on my scalp. . . . and honestly, that would have been enough . . . but now?

Now I Have The Full, Thick, Lustrous, Healthy Head Of Hair Of My Youth . . . I Re-Grew My Hair, And I Did It Safely, Naturally And Without Drugs

Can you imagine how I felt that first night, putting this natural remedy to work and knowing that I was doing something that would finally help me stop my hair loss for good?

Can you imagine the joy that coursed through me when I first saw healthy new hair poking its way out of my scalp?

Can you imagine the look on my husband's face when he noticed my thickening head of hair . . . and realized that he wasn't going to have a "bald wife?"

Can you imagine how my self confidence and happiness soared . . . how I was finally able to hold my head up high in public and go about my day knowing that if anyone was staring at me it was for good reasons and not because of my thinning hair?

And can you imagine it working for you the same way it has for me and for thousands of other women who were suffering just like I was before they followed the simple, natural steps in this report?

If you've read this far I bet you can imagine how I felt. And I bet you can imagine this remedy working for you. . .

What Really Causes Hair Loss In Women?

While hair loss in men usually comes from "natural causes," hair loss in women can be caused by any number of factors, including. . .

Your diet, and whether or not you're getting the nutrients your body needs to produce healthy hair.
Your lifestyle including whether you smoke and what kind of activities you regularly take part in . . .
How you treat your hair . . . whether you over-color or condition your hair, how badly you hit the hair dryer every day . . . and what kind of shampoo and other hair care products you use. In fact badly treating your hair is the single most-common cause of hair loss in women.
Hormone level and menopause . . . including how much estrogen your body is producing at any time . . . Many women who go through menopause find themselves having to deal with "Female Pattern Baldness" . . . as if they didn't already have enough to worry about.
A genetic disposition to hair loss . . .
Pregnancy . . . which can cause hair loss or an over-abundance of hair as your body goes through hormonal changes and feeds your growing child.
And other causes.

No matter what the cause of your hair loss, you'll find that the simple information and easy-to-follow, natural remedy I'm about to show you will help you re-grow the healthy, lustrous hair you've been dreaming of . . . and never suffer from hair loss again.

Here's What This Is All About

I know it's hard to believe, but you really are just two minutes away from banishing hair loss from your life for good. Whether your hair loss is caused by genetics, hormonal imbalances brought on by menopause or pregnancy, your diet or even just the way you've treated your hair in the past, you'll find simple, effective instructions in this report to give you back the thick, lustrous hair you deserve safely, naturally and without drugs.

In just 2 minutes you can download this expertly-researched report and be on the fast track to stopping your hair loss and re-growing your hair.

Here's Just A Taste Of What You'll Learn When You Download Your Copy Of "The Hair Loss Remedy Report For Women: All Natural Secrets To Re-Grow Your Hair"

How natural hair growth really works . . . and the many ways that the "software" in your hair growing process can become corrupted . . and cause you to lose your hair.
The dirty secret about "Female Pattern Baldness" that almost no one talks about . . . and a simple test you can do to determine instantly if your hair loss is genetic or is caused by other factors.
Why "beauty culture" might be killing your hair . . . why there's a big difference between hair that looks healthy and hair that is healthy and how you can help your hair soak up the nutrients it so desperately needs and spark new hair growth practically overnight.
Simple adjustments you can make to the way you wear your hair that will obliterate the stress you place on your scalp and give your hair the rest it needs to grow back healthy and full.
Simple facts on testosterone and estrogen . . . and natural steps you can take to smooth your body's estrogen creation process and keep excess testosterone from affecting your hair . . . or your health.
A hormone crash course . . . and how to maintain your hormonal balance for optimal hair growth.
Why "the pill" could be making you bald.
The truth about hair growth and hair loss during pregnancy . . . and why you shouldn't be concerned if you see rapid hair loss after you give birth.
Why too many women actually pull out their own hair sometimes without even knowing it . . . and how to help anyone you know with this terrible affliction find the help they need.
Why no smart woman should ever even touch the dangerous drugs and hair-loss supplements put out by the big pharma hair loss companies . . . and why even just a tiny exposure to this "bad medicine" could have terrible consequences for both you and your children.
How proper massage can stimulate your hair follicles and effectively stimulate your hair to grow again.
The big differences between male and female hair loss . . . why men have it so darned easy and what you can do to close the "hair gap."
How to smell your way to a thicker head of hair . . .and how to use cheap and available essential oils to give your scalp the luxurious attention it deserves, condition the hair you do have and encourage your long-neglected and abused follicles to come back to life.
Why women have been rubbing lemons on their heads for centuries . . . and how lemon oil can dramatically reduce tension in your head, neck, open your blood vessels and allow more hair-producing oxygen to rush to your scalp where it's needed.
The "secret" natural ingredient that's been badly co-opted by the major hair-loss companies . . . and how you can get your hands on the natural form of this "wonder herb" cheaply and plentifully without the cost or the nasty side effects of common and dangerous hair loss drugs.
Why Dong Quai is the "Ultimate Herb For Women" . . . and how to combine Dong Quai with Nettle Root and Saw Palmetto to inexpensively and easily create the perfect hair loss remedy.
Why your quest for fuller hair should start in the fruit and vegetable aisle . . . and how to create a nutritional fruit and vegetable paste that will "feed" your scalp and give it the powerful nutrition it needs to grow new, healthy hair fast.
Why you should rush out right now and coat your head in crushed peas!
The real facts on vitamins and how they affect your hair . . . and marching orders on what vitamins you must add to your diet if you want to re-grow your hair.
Why you (and your hair) are what you eat . . . and how you can tell a tremendous amount about a person's life and health simply by looking at their hair.
The one food you need to eat to give your hair the massive infusion of oxygen it needs to grow thick, fast and wild from the top of your head.
Why a lack of vitamin C will actually kill your hair . . . and how to stock up on vitamin C in your diet without having to resort to an Orange Juice IV.
How to prevent hair loss in the future . . . and the popular but dangerous "hair-care" products every woman should avoid if she wants to keep a healthy, lustrous head of hair for the rest of her life.
5 short but powerful hair loss case studies that show these simple steps and natural cures in action and give you the assurance you need to go out and cure your hair loss today safely, naturally and without the use of drugs.

And much, much more.

But most of all, in the pages of this professionally-researched and written downloadable report, you'll learn . . .

How To Stop Your Hair Loss And Re-Grow Your Hair Safely, Naturally And Without Drugs

Just imagine saying goodbye to your hair loss for good . . . and saying hello to the thick, lustrous, healthy hair that you deserve . . .

Just imagine regaining your self esteem and confidence . . .

And just imagine the feeling of satisfaction you'll experience, knowing that you took control of this problem, stopped your hair loss and re-grew your hair on your own terms, using cheap and affordable ingredients available at your super market and without having to beg for scraps at the table of the male dominated, sleazy and ineffective hair-restoration industry.

Is that worth something? I think it is.

The Hair Loss Remedy Report


Do Nothing


$19.97 one time payment

$3,000 - $9,000+

Free... for now


Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 1 YEAR

No money back guarantee

You probably won't be satisfied...


Complications & Risks

Possible food allergies
(very rare)

Pain, hospitalization, infection, complications due to anesthesia and medications, doctor error, death

More hair loss



Immediate download, put the information to use within the hour using grocery store products

Very inconvenient

Convenient - but not the look you want.


Effectiveness of Treatment

Highly effective.
80% success rate over 1-2 months.

50-65% probability of success

Non-treatment hopes it will regrow on its own. Sometimes it works, but very rarely.


Other Benefits

Educate & improve yourself for a lifetime of excellent health

People might visit you, eat hospital food, watch TV as you recover

Save a few dollars, maybe


What's Your Choice?

Download Your Copy of the Report

Give me implants!

I'm fine with thinning hair, thanks.


You've Convinced Me, Carol. I'm Interested, But What About The Price?

Good question.

What's it worth to you to escape the embarrassment, the emotional pain and the frustration of hair loss?

How much have you already spent on "wonder cures," drugs and off-the-wall treatments that haven't worked... and that have just convinced you that you were doomed to a life of thinning, falling out or fading hair?

Just one month of treatment of Rogaine or Propecia can cost you $30.00 or more . . . and leave you with nasty side effects and health concerns that will cost you much, much more.

Treatment at a hair-restoration specialist will run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and leave you with no lasting or noticeable results at all.

The cost of "The Hair Loss Remedy Report For Women" is just $19.97.

Not "$19.97 per month."

Not "$19.97 per dose."

But just $19.97 for peace of mind, solid, proven advice and results that I'm sure will astonish you as much as they did me.

But you know what? I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you . . . and make sure that, if you're suffering from hair loss like I was, that you take advantage of this offer and get on the fast track to re-growing your hair and re-gaining your self esteem.

And just to make this decision a "No Brainer" I'd like to offer you a . . .

100% Of Your Money Back, No Questions Asked 1 YEAR Guarantee

Simply click the link below and buy your copy of "The Hair Loss Report For Women."

Follow the simple advice inside to stop your hair loss and start re-growing your hair.

If at any time in the next 365 days you aren't completely convinced that this was the smartest decision you ever made and that this was the method that would finally let you stop worrying and get back the full, beautiful hair you've always dreamed of, simply send an email to us and we'll refund your tiny investment in full.

That's right you're taking absolutely no risk.

If the simple, natural methods outlined in this report work for you like they did for me (and for thousands of other women around the world) you'll stop your hair loss and re-grow your hair.

And if not? Then you'll receive your money back, no questions asked and you'll get to keep your two super-valuable bonuses for free.

Please, For Your Own Sake, Take This Simple Step And Order Today

I simply can't stress enough how simple, easy-to-follow and powerful the advice you'll find in this downloadable report is!

There is NO REASON for you to continue to suffer, to watch your hair get thinner by the day or for you to be taken advantage of by the drug peddlers in the hair-restoration industry.

You have absolutely nothing to lose . . .

And a fuller, healthier head of hair and a more-confident, better life to gain.

You'll thank yourself for doing so.

With Love,

Carol Hopkins

Former Hair Loss Sufferer

P.S. I really can't believe how much my life has changed since I followed the advice in this simple and powerful downloadable report. I feel healthier and happier. . . I have a better relationship with my husband (since I'm no longer afraid to leave the house) and I just have a better outlook on life. This is about more than just your hair. This is about your life, your pride and your happiness. Please, order today . . . say goodbye to hair loss, and say hello to the thick, lustrous head of hair you deserve.

P.P.S. Remember, your order is completely backed by our Iron-Clad 365-DAY Guarantee! If you don't get phenomenal results following the step-by-step advice in this report, simply ask and we will refund your money in full.

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